ELYZA's Fabric Collections (Alessi)
11:56 AM | Author: HIASAN REKA INDAH
A sumptuous collection of textured jacquards reflects timeless classic in traditional muted colours. The soft feel of the fabrics is complemented by an antique effect finish, and recommended for drapes and light upholsteries.

http://www.elyza.com/WebLITE/Applications/productcatalog/uploaded/pics/alessi5.jpg http://www.elyza.com/WebLITE/Applications/productcatalog/uploaded/pics/alessi6.jpg

http://www.elyza.com/WebLITE/Applications/productcatalog/uploaded/pics/alessi3.jpg http://www.elyza.com/WebLITE/Applications/productcatalog/uploaded/pics/alessi2.jpg

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